About Us

Welcome to our corner

    Praja Engineering started by a Power Generation professional , offers variety of solutions to the solar power customers. The intention of the company is to bring both customer seller together for a fair market. 

    We have come across number of customers wanting to buy solar products but without any knowledge of the market. The equipment sellers generally advertise in websites such as Indiamart without much info and prices.

    We want to develop a congenial market for both seller and end user. 

    Many customers keep inquiring Praja Engineering about the cost of Solar equipment and  best product. The answer from most of solar consultants or erectors or integrators is limited to couple of well known manufacturers. 

    Ultimately the small customer can never find a suitable supplier and ends up accepting the available product in the open market. 

    Similarly the small manufacturer will have to depend on the general market trade and can never fulfill his dream of making big.                       

    In this scenario  Praja Engineering is committed to provide a common trade platform and improve the solar equipment business by connecting both seller and buyer in a healthy manner.  

    Solar Equipment Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and dealers can list their equipment through the ‘Seller Form‘ provided and buyers or end users can post their requirement through ‘Buyer Form‘  

    We strive to match both and ensure both are mutually benefited.

Who Are We

We are a team of Engineers experienced in Solar, Thermal, Diesel and Biomass Power sectors

Our Mission

Help buyer in identifying solar power equipment and seller in identifying right buyer.

What We Do

Bring solar equipment manufacturers on this common platform and list their products for sale with fair prices. 

Bring solar equipment buyers to choose and buy the products listed by manufacturers.

Our History

We have been continuously designing various types of power plants including solar since 2000. We did integration for about 12 MWp Solar Power at various places. We provided construction supervision, testing and commissioning services for a 7.5 MW Biomass Power Plant in Chattisgarh. We provided consultancy services for O&M for a 20 MW Diesel Power Plant in Andamans. We have provided geospacial analysis for various proposed Hydro Power plant locations in Indonasia. We have also provided consultancy services for rock cavern pressure testing at Vizag and Padur

Our 6-D Process


We work hard to find a solution to your satisfaction


We define our goal and stick to it


Our designs are cost effective


We develop a comprehensive solution


We deploy compitent work force


We deliver the product in a ship shape without any delay

Why Choose Us?

We provide optimum designs to achieve high efficiency for each and every equipmment 

We provide 24×7 support for all the plants under our EPC and O&M

Our team is experienced in all the areas of solar sector and work towards the final goal.

Albeit our teams focus is not on awards but their dedication and attitude bring them laurels.

From design stage to equipment selection, material procurement, erection and operation our focus is on ROI.

All our engineers, field employees and administrative staff has years of solar power experience.

Projects Completed
Happy Clients
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