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Many customers keep inquiring Praja Engineering about the cost of Solar equipment and  best product. The answer from most of solar consultants or erectors or integrators is limited to couple of well known manufacturers.

Ultimately the small customer can never find a suitable supplier and ends up accepting the available product in the open market.

Similarly the small manufacturer will have to depend on the general market trade and can never fulfill his dream of making big.

In this scenario  Praja Engineering is committed to provide a common trade platform and improve the solar equipment business by connecting both seller and buyer in a healthy manner

Solar Equipment Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and dealers can list their equipment through the ‘Seller Form‘ provided and buyers or end users can post their requirement through ‘Buyer Form‘.

We strive to match both and ensure both are mutually benefited.


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What clients have to say?

Praja Engineering Services Pvt Ltd successfully completed site inspection and preliminary design with proposed equipment for our proposed 100 MWp Solar PV power plant at Bhairavalanka, Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh

Dr. Manepalli, Managing Director, Suryachakra Power Corporation Ltd., Hyderabad

Praja Engineering Services Pvt Ltd successfully installed 12 KWp Rooftop Solar Power Plant with 4000AH Backup Battery at our new office ‘Preeti Square’ Bangalore.

Mr. M. Ram Rangeswar Reddy, Managing Director, Preeti Developers Pvt Ltd, Bangalore.

Praja Engineering Services Pvt Ltd successfully participated along with us as Lenders’ Independent Engineer for IDBI funded 10 MW Solar Power Plant belongs to SREIPL at Pochannapet village, Bachannapet Mandal, Warangal Dist, Telangana. 

Mr. S. Kamban, Managing Director, Aquatherm Engineering Consultants (India) Pvt Ltd, Chennai.

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